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Race Results

Our database contains performance and operational details for every track event run by our drivers and cars. The system allows our team to quickly access information in a number of valuable ways. As an example, the results shown below were dynamically produced as this web page was displayed. Event data is available on this website immediately after being stored in the database.

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Career Totals for Driver Hal Prewitt
216 runs at 41 race courses at 37 tracks held from December 14, 0214 to October 9, 2015 for a total 838:59:59 driving hours in which 159 (138:51:27 hours) were at events scheduled in daylight, 5 (08:03:48 hours) at night and 52 (838:59:59 hours) that were held under both conditions.

There were 8 (04:48:53 hours) of practice, 5 (02:14:54 hours) of qualifying and 203 (838:59:59 hours) of races. Of these races there were 140 (100:32:52 hours) Sprint and 63 (838:59:59 hours) Enduros in which 147 (133:04:31 hours) were in daylight, 4 (06:46:57 hours) at night and 52 (838:59:59 hours) that were held under both conditions.

Driver had 189 starts, won 50 poll positions and scored 73 (141:15:20 hours) 1st, 33 (221:34:23 hours) 2nds and 10 (121:24:34 hours) 3rd place finishes for 39% win and 61% Podium race results.

There were 167 (88.36%) finishes without a incident out of 189 runs where there could have been or was a incident or DNF involving this Driver (regardless of type or fault). There were 16 (7.88%) DNFs "did not finish" due to 0 (0%) mechanical, 7 (3.45%) accident and 9 (4.43%) for other causes. There were 6 (2.96%) DNSs "did not start" due to 0 (0%) mechanical, 1 (0.49%) accident and 5 (2.46%) for other causes. Data is not available for all practice and qualifying runs and reported DNFs/DNSs are only for this Driver.

Drove 25 different models which included Porsche GT3RS, Porsche GT3 997 Cup, Porsche 944, Formula Dodge, Formula Dodge RT, Porsche 944 Spec Chev eng, Porsche DP 935, Porsche GT3 996 Cup, Pontiac GTO.R, Nissan 350Z Grand-Am GS, Porsche GT3 997 GA Spec, BMW 120D, Funcup Beetle-style 1800cc, VW Golf GTI, Spec Miata, BMW 330D, Lotus Evora GT4, BMW 320D, GT3 997 Cup Grand-AM, Porsche Cayman-R PDK, BMW 318 Compact, BMW E46 M3 Coupe (3200cc), BMW E46 M3 (3200cc), BMW 235I Cup, MARC Focus V8 (5000cc),

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