Hal Prewitt

203 Races (189 Starts) 140 Sprints / 63 Enduros (+3hr) with 35 24 hr races. Low 3.45% DNF accident rate
  Podium Finishes1st Place 73 Firsts
2nd Place 33 Seconds
3rd Place 10 Thirds
% Wins
61% Podium Finishes

Notable: #4 rank of 819 drivers in 2015 24H Series, World Record win 2014 Maxi 32 Hr Enduro, 3rd overall 2011 & 2015 24 hrs of Silverstone, 3rd overall 2014 Maxi 32 hrs Enduro, 3rd in class 2012 & 4th in class 2011 24 hrs of Nurburgring, 1st in class 2010 & 2015 24 hrs of Dubai, 2nd in class 2009 24 hrs Barcelona, 2007 4 top 10 Grand-Am Rolex GT finishes with a 9th in class 24 hrs of Daytona and 4th Koni Daytona Challenge

2015 Oct 9: 2 races non-podium in Enduros Brno, Czech Republic CREVENTIC Hankook 12H EPILOG BRNO driving a BMW E46 M3 (3200cc) in class A5
2015 Sep 25: 28th in Enduro Oschersleben, Germany DNRT 24 hours of Oschersleben driving a BMW 120D in class S
2015 Sep 3: 2nd Place 2th in Enduros Barcelona, Spain CREVENTIC 24 Hours of Barcelona driving a Lotus Evora GT4 in class SP3
2015 Aug 27: 5th in Enduro Heusden-Zolder, Belgium BELCAR 24 Hours of Zolder driving a BMW 120D in class T-3
2015 Jul 15: 2nd Place in Enduro Palanga, Lithuania PLANGA Eneos 1000km Palanga driving a BMW 120D in class D
2015 Jul 9: 2nd Place 4th in Enduros Le Castellet, France CREVENTIC Hankook 24H PAUL-RICARD driving a Lotus Evora GT4 in class SP3
2015 May 29: DNF due to mechanical at Zandvoort, Netherlands CREVENTIC 12 Hours of Zandvoort driving a BMW E46 M3 (3200cc) in class A5
2015 May 29: 1st Place in Enduro Zandvoort, Netherlands CREVENTIC 12 Hours of Zandvoort driving a Lotus Evora GT4 in class SP3
2015 May 26: 9th in Sprint Zandvoort, Netherlands DRDO Race 2 driving a BMW 120D in class SP
2015 May 26: 10th in Sprint Zandvoort, Netherlands DRDO Race 1 driving a BMW 120D in class SP
2015 May 14: 4th in Enduro Nurburg, Germany ADAC 24 Hours of Nurburgring driving a BMW 235I Cup in class CUP5
2015 Apr 24: 2nd Place in Enduro Silverstone Circuit BRITCAR 24 Hours of Silverstone driving a Lotus Evora GT4 in class 3
2015 Mar 13: 2 races non-podium in Enduros Mugello, Tuscany, Italy CREVENTIC 12 Hours of Mugello driving a BMW 120D in class A2
2015 Jan 10: 1st Place in Enduro Dubai, United Arab Emirates CREVENTIC 24 Hrs of Dubai driving a BMW E46 M3 Coupe (3200cc) in class A5
2014 Dec 14: 1st Place in Enduro Algarve International Circuit MAXI32 Maxi Endurance 32 Hr driving a BMW 120D in class T
2014 Sep 7: DNF due to Transm Dif at Barcelona, Spain CREVENTIC 24 Hrs of Barcelona driving a Lotus Evora GT4 in class SP3
2014 Aug 31: 4th in Enduro Heusden-Zolder, Belgium R.A.C.B. Sport 24 Hours of Zolder driving a BMW 318 Compact in class T-3
2014 Jan 11: 5th in Enduro Dubai, United Arab Emirates CREVENTIC 24 Hrs of Dubai driving a BMW 120D in class D1
2014 Jan 11: DNF due to Eng at Dubai, United Arab Emirates CREVENTIC 24 Hrs of Dubai driving a Lotus Evora GT4 in class SP3
2013 Sep 8: 2nd Place in Enduro Barcelona, Spain CREVENTIC 24 HOURS OF BARCELONA driving a Lotus Evora GT4 in class SP3
2013 Sep 1: 2nd Place in Enduro Heusden-Zolder, Belgium R.A.C.B. Sport Menzo 24 Hours of Zolder driving a BMW 318 Compact in class DIV22
2013 May 20: 4th in Enduro Nurburg, Germany ADAC 24 Hours of Nurburgring driving a Lotus Evora GT4 in class SP10

    Race Phots
    "Drivers often receive more praise than we deserve. Endurance racing is a Team not a Driver's race. No single person wins it and any member can cause the loss. Win Endurance races by clicking off laps and staying out of the pits, not damaging or killing the equipment. It's nice, but you don't have to be the fastest driver on the track." -Hal Prewitt
Latest News
  • January 16, 2016 - Hal Prewitt announces retirement from auto racing - Just under ten years after his professional debut at the 2006 24 Hours of Daytona and after finishing near the top of this season, Prewitt has decided to retire from racing.

    "I've thought about this for a awhile. Now is the time. The decision has made my wife very happy and given us the chance to travel and focus on my art and Park City Gallery without the pressure of winning races. There were many highs and lows after 216 events. It was great to do 63 endurance [+3 hrs in length] of which 35 were 24 hour or longer, have won 39% of the races including 50 pole positions, and finish on the podium in 61% with 73 Firsts, 33 Seconds and 10 Thirds places.

    I had a great career driving and many incredible experiences. I know winning is why we race, but I consider all the friendships I've gained and amazing people I've met and worked with the most valuable part. I am very honored to have driven with 75 and against many of our world's greatest drivers and teams [9 total], as well as to have driven in so many historic races and on so many historic tracks [41 total]."

    Tech pioneer, artist, and accomplished race car driver Hal Prewitt final race of his career was at the end of 2015 24H International Endurance Series where he finished 4th in the Championship and as the top American out of an impressive field of 819 international drivers from 58 countries.
  • October 13, 2015 - BRNO, Czech Republic - Closes Out 2015 24H International Endurance Series (IES) Season as Top American and after finishing fourth in the SP3 class in the No. 160 Drink Florida Orange Juice Lotus Evora GT4, Prewitt also ended up fourth in the final IES driver standings. He had a chance to take the overall IES title but a myriad of issues in both of the Cor Euser Racing entries he was driving prevented him from mounting a successful challenge. Prewitt's season total of 118 points was just five less than the 123 points earned by championship-winning driver Chantal Kroll, an early-season teammate. His final tally was one point out of third place and just two points shy of runner-up honors.

    "We started the weekend on a high after winning pole position in both cars," Prewitt said. "The No. 160 Drink Florida Orange Juice Lotus Evora GT4 was nearly two seconds faster than our closest competitor and more than seven seconds ahead of the slowest. Our No. 83 Drink Florida Orange Juice BMW M3 was a second faster than the next car and a full 11 seconds quicker than the last car in our class."

    For Kroll, newly crowned champion, an appreciation for her competition against Prewitt was shared.

    "Hal became one of my main competitors [after our 24 Hours of Dubai win together]," Kroll said. "[For BRNO], when he realized he had a great opportunity to win the championship title, he upgraded both Cor Euser racing vehicles. It was clear, if he achieved a class victory and I came in 2nd place, Hal would win the title. Our teams shared kitchens and adjacent pit boxes so we have many discussions before and during the races. It was always of a fun nature and we had a beautiful friendship. Several times he came to me and said that everything was possible and I could win."

    Prewitt's co-drivers had both race cars in their respective class leads in the race's first hour only to see problems emerge shortly thereafter. "The Lotus was leading our class during the first hour and was nearly a minute ahead of the competition," Prewitt said. "Then it developed a throttle problem requiring a few unplanned pit stops to correct. Later, the engine would suddenly stop, stranding the car on track. Resetting the electronics controls would restart the Lotus but the failure randomly would reoccur." After a lengthy 30 minute pit stop, the cause was found to be a single pin failing in an ECU wiring connector. Once repaired, the Lotus ran flawlessly the remainder of the 12-hour race and almost caught the third place competitor before time ran out.

    Prewitt co-drove the Lotus with Cor Euser Racing driver and team owner Cor Euser and his Dutch countryman Danny van Dongen. Euser drove the Lotus for the opening stint and was at the wheel again at the end of the race in pursuit of the final podium spot. "The start went very well, the Lotus was very fast, but when Danny got in the car it started to hesitate on the throttle," Euser said. "We reset it and went back out but soon the car stopped on track and we later found out it was a wire in the connectors. We were the quickest of the SP3s, we should have won this race easily, but one little wire that came loose in the connector kept us off the podium and cost the championship of course."

    The No. 160 ended up fourth in class and 30th out of 50 cars overall, completing 279 laps in the 12-hour race.

    Prewitt co-drove the No. 83 BMW in the A5 class with Jacky van der Ende and his younger brother Ricardo van der Ende. Like the Lotus, the BMW led its class from the pole before a string of endurance-racing issues hit the team even harder than its sister car. Before the end of the first hour the No. 83 lost its ABS, making the BMW very difficult to race. The team had to slow down until repairs could be made only to get caught up in an accident in hour three. Repeated pit stops were then needed to fix a fuel pressure issue that emerged at the halfway point, and by the 10th hour the team was done. The No. 83 was retired, ended up classified seventh in the A5 class and 43rd out of 50 cars overall with 207 laps completed.

    "I very much appreciate every member of our team's skill, dedication and effort working to win the International Endurance Series championship," Prewitt said. "Our recovery in the Lotus was record breaking. Likely, within another four hours we would have caught and passed the first place car. Our BMW gave all it had and will come back rebuilt and win many races."

    An international racing series competing in Europe and the United Arab Emirates, the IES joins the FIA's legendary Formula One and World Endurance Championships as the only racing series to truly race around the globe. Prewitt came up just short of his IES championship goals but still had a race-winning season that was the best of his career and an even more meaningful personal journey.

    "Winning was our objective," Prewitt said. "Every bit as important, is the 'road traveled' to get there. We may not have captured the win we wanted but we did have a great and enjoyable trip. This is a valuable win and I cherish the experience. It was fun, learning and competing with our drivers and working with every team member."

    - Prewitt and Kroll began the 2015 season as class winning teammates in the 24 Hours of Dubai before racing out the season with different teams. Throughout the year the two drivers remained close, however, battling for the IES title as mutually respected competitors and friends off the track. After accepting her honors in victory lane, Kroll found Prewitt and presented him with her champion's wreath. "Chantal came by to thank me for helping her win and give me her winner's wreath," Prewitt said. "I in turn thanked her but said she needed to keep it, she earned it, it was a challenging series and she drove well, winning the Ladies Cup and the overall title. If I couldn't win I wanted her to take the championship."

    - Prewitt's international racing adventures are being chronicled in a blog appearing on the leading sports car racing web site, www.sportscar365.com. His last three blog reports followed the recent endurance races at Oschersleben, Barcelona and Zolder in Belgium with the Brno report scheduled to be posted later this week.
  • More race history in News.

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